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Dean Mosley -Local Immigration Lawyer

Profile: Dean F. Mosley

Law graduate of The Thurgood Marshall School of Law who later went on to work for Janet Reno in the Dade County, Florida State’s Attorney’s Office. A year later he moved on to work as General Counsel for the State of Florida Minority Business Assistance Office in 1986. After completing the task of setting up the internal rules for Minority Business Certification, Mosley again joined the prosecution team in Leon County for Willie Meggs, the State Attorney in Leon County Florida. Following his year of service with Leon County Florida, Mosley joined the prosecution team of Bruce Colton as the First African American prosecutor in St. Lucie County, Florida. He was recruited and served as a criminal defense attorney, and has been involved in criminal defense since. Mosley is a natural trial attorney. He devoted a year to prosecuting felony defendants in the Nineteenth Circuit. He then moved forward opening his own practice. He was immediately retained to represent one of the most notorious drug defendants in the history of the St. Lucie County Florida. The success in handling that case propelled Mosley to go on to handle several high profiled criminal matters around the State of Florida. After practicing law for nearly seven years Mosley joined the honorable Jesse J. McCrary and the law firm of McCrary and Mosley was formed in Miami, Florida. There Mosley was the lead counsel in handling the largest cash seizure case in the State of Florida at that time. The case was in Volusia County Florida, “In Re: Seizure of $265,000.00, which dealt with the concept of profile stops of minorities which was based on their race and stereotypes. Typically, the minority person was stopped for weaving in a single lane of traffic then searched. It was through threats and intimidation that citizens would lose their valuable property which was taken under the guise of the state. The people were never prosecuted for anything, but they were intimidated into not attempting to reclaim their property. In this case Mosley was the first person in the State of Florida to win a verdict against the legendary sheriff and the money was released. In addition, McCrary and Mosley was primarily a civil firm that represented banks FDIC and RTC in the Savings and Loan closedown. McCrary and Mosley also were one of three minority law firms in the State of Florida doing municipal finance transactions and were included in the Red Book. Mosley has also served as lead counsel in a Death Penalty Defense where he fought to keep a diverse jury.Now as you know, Florida’s system was ruled unconstitutional, and that one vote probably saved the client’s life.

While at McCrary and Mosley, Mosley handled most of the litigation for the Office. However, the office was involved with a lot of transactional work. While with McCrary and Mosley, Mosley represented clients in business matters, social security and personal injury legal advice. Mosley handled nearly all the research and writing for the law firm. In the 80’s, Mosley was the first lawyer to use the Battered Female Syndrome in St. Lucie County Florida in defense of a female client charged with murder.

Mosley got involved in Immigration work when a young Liberian women walked into his office seeking representation in a deportation matter. Today, he is one of the best immigration lawyer in Orlando. Mosley successively pursued Asylum based on human rights abuse because his client was a victim of clitoral mutilation.

Mosely met a Jamaican client distraught in the elevator of his office building who’d been handed his file back from a prominent law firm. They concluded there was nothing they could do for him. This man’s son was murdered in an apartment complex in Jacksonville, Florida. Mosley invited this man up to his office to evaluate the case. Mosely created a legal team with Thomas Brown and a year later received a verdict for $1,000,000 for this client.

Mosley also served as city Attorney for the city of Eatonville, FL.

He served as General Counsel for the Sanford Housing Authority.

Mosley volunteered to assist Bishop Holyfield in doing what needed to be done to restore the Law School of Florida A&M University.

While at Florida A&M University, Mosley founded the Hatchet Pre-Law Club and graduated Magna Cum Laude/ Participant Model United Nations/Inter in Trinidad and Tobago.

Mosley has been a member of the Florida Bar since 1985.

Mosley was named the National Trial Lawyers Associations “Top 100 Trial Lawyers in the state of Florida”. 2007 - 2008

Mosely was named in the Nation’s Top Attorneys list in 2016.

Mosley is also a life member of the Nations Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Mosley is a member of the National Bar Association.

Orange County Bar Association.

I am a Fiba Agent for International Basketball – 2013 (Non-Profit); where he coached alongside two other gentlemen who were responsible for getting 90 college girls scholarships to play basketball.

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